5 Reasons You Need A Round Towel This Summer


UK ALANA Round Towel
The blue and white Australian inspired A L A N A  round towel


So you may have seen beautiful people and tanned bodies sprawled over huge, patterned round towels on Instagram of late with questions running through your mind of what exactly they are and why, and HOW do I get my hands on one of those?! Well, it’s your lucky day from cool blue and white to monochrome chic black and white we’ve got your dream towel to make all those summer Instagram pictures come true!….. Here’s why you’ve just realise you need a round beach towel in your life.


  1. It goes without saying that they look pretty darn good! Does it not? Whether you’re a colourful soul or black is the new black when it comes to your fashion- who doesn’t look the bomb laying over on-season patterns, with a book in one hand and a cocktail in the other?
  2. You might not have realised it until now but, how annoying is it having to readjust your rectangle towel or blanket every few hours to chase that golden god in the sky? And having to go through the process of doing your bikini top up, gathering your stuff together, checking all of your electronics are safe, lifting you towel, shaking off all the nuisance sand (read getting covered in sand blown in the wind), placing towel in what seems to be the right direction towards the sun, placing stuff down, placing self down, shaking off sand, securing the corners …..god that was tiring just thinking about it. Now imagine a beach accessory that you didn’t have to rearrange? My god! No more hassle! Just sprawl and simply roll over freely whenever is required – problem solved
  3. How nice would it be to be able to share your towel with your other half on a sunsets eve on your dream holiday or maybe have your little one crawl about without too much fear they might roll over and end up a sandy monster? 150cm of towel is the simple answer to that.
  4. You haven’t had an attractive towel that is actually properly absorbent and you can wrap around your whole body? Yep size really does matter – Same answer as above
  5. Whoever wanted a rectangular towel anyway?


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