The Hottest Spots in Ibiza to Hang your Towel

Now we at Aless love to lay out on a huge towel on a hot beach as much as the next girl but even we need to fill our holidays with a little more than sunbathing. And so that you go home feeling rested, detoxed, re-toxed and then de-toxed again. Here’s our guide to the best hangouts in Ibiza this side of 2016. Warning you are going to need to pack a few more holiday essentials!



Unlike many holiday destinations, where many beaches are hard to reach without a boat, Ibiza offers endless sandy locations to while away the day. A real winner when you can pitch up with your large towel at as many sandy dunes you like.

Number one on our our list is the Cala Carbo with a delicious and informal beach restaurant to break away to when you need a little break from the sun.
For a sandy, Caribbean-style beach head to Salinas, the calm shallow water is ideal if you have little ones in tow. But if you’re holidaying with friends you’ll be thankful for the fresh fruit cocktails and soft sand to relax in your own space. The white sands are also the perfect spot for taking Instagram pictures with wow factor, Just match your bikini to your round beach towel.

Ditch the towel and pick up the other Ibiza essentials, a plunging swimsuit and killer wedges because if you want to dance the night away in style then you need to start your night off at Le bodega for drinks with the girls and a killer view of the ocean. Then for something a little bit different to the usual night clubs, try Lio in Ibiza Town for an evening of burlesque dancing and Vegas style cocktails.
And for those that are looking for the notorious Ibiza clubbing scene, be sure to check the Islands schedule for DJ’s artists and music nights on at the vast array of outdoor clubs. If you’re lucky, time your trip with Radio 1’s Big Weekend to cram as many artists in to one night as possible. Prepare yourself though, after a night there, you will most definitely be spending the day laying in the sun, with occasional dip in the pool to keep that hangover at bay. Luckily a round towel saves you the effort of rearranging all of your belongings each hour to chase the sun. Just swizzle round and job done! #RoundRevolution